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Xpress Money is a worldwide instant money transfer service with over 135,000 locations available worldwide across 5 continents and over 125 countries.


Sending Money with Xpress Money

Four ways to transfer money

Xpress Money offers four different ways to send and receive money through their instant money transfer service.


You can walk into any of Xpress Money’s locations to initiate a cash transfer. The receiving party can then go to any Xpress Money pay-out location to pick up the transferred amount in cash. Please visit the Xpress Money website to find the locations that work best for you.

Account deposit

With this method, you can simply send money straight to the receiver’s bank account. The receiving party can then use the funds normally or withdraw the funds at an ATM. This is probably the best and easiest way to send money through Xpress Money.

This method is not available in all countries, so please visit the Xpress Money website for more information.

Cash delivery

You can use this method to make things as easy as possible for the receiving party. Xpress Money will have the money delivered directly to the receiver’s address. Like the account deposit method, this method is only available in certain countries. See Xpress Money’s website for more information.

Mobile phone transfer

This method allows you to send money to a mobile phone number for easy withdrawal at a local bank or at one of Xpress Money’s mobile service franchisees.

All methods will process the transfer in one business day or less.


How to send money through Xpress Money

Five quick steps:

Visit an Xpress Money sending agent

Fill-out a send-money form

Ensure that the name of the receiving party is spelled correctly

Provide the money to be transferred along and pay transfer charges

Send the secure 16-digit XPIN number to the receiving party


How to receive money through Xpress Money

You can pick up money at any Xpress Money agent location. The receiving party just needs to provide the XPIN code and valid photo identification to receive funds.

With the “Anywhere Payout” service, money can be received at any location within the receiving country. That means that the sender does not need to specify an exact location for pick up. This service is only available in a few countries. Check the Xpress Money website to see if your country is included.


How much does it cost to send money?

The charges and fees are dependent on the currencies and countries you’re dealing with. They are based on a percentage of your transfer amount. Please contact customer service at 1800 198 985 for more information on costs.

Check out Xpress Money’s exchange rate calculator to get a good idea of how much your beneficiary will receive and your costs. Make sure that you confirm the current exchange rate when you make the transfer.


Will my money be safe when transferring through Xpress Money?

Since the company started, Xpress Money has maintained a perfect track record of compliance across many different countries. All of their agents receive thorough training and follow strict procedures to keep your money safe. The company also utilises the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art security systems available today.


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