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KlickEx Pacific

KlickEx Pacific is easy, fast and one of the lowest cost payment systems in the Pacific. KlickEx Pacific allows people to send money to Digicel mobile phones, from your bank account or agents and takes less than two minutes to transfer between New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, and Fiji.

How to use KlickEx Pacific:

Face to Face from New Zealand Locations.

Or Online:

Signing up is done online and takes less than five minutes. Click here to sign up. Once you complete the sign-up process:

  • Login to KlickEx Pacific choose Send Money or Send Top Up or Bill Pay.
  • Choose a recipient from your contact list or type in the recipient's name and mobile phone number.
  • Select how much you want to send and how you want to pay.
  • Click the ‘send now' button.

Your recipient will usually receive their money within 90 seconds.


What does it cost?

With the Klickex Rate Calculator you can see the actual cost with the latest exchange rate and fee before you send. Click here to try it.


Who are we?

KlickEx is recognised by Central Banks in the Pacific, IFAD, and the NZ Treasury as a key agent of change in line with regulator and consumer demand for low cost and safe foreign exchange services.

KlickEx is one of the few operators with presences in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

KlickEx is additionaly involved in financial education, agricultural and healthcare programmes across the Pacific as part of its commitment to financial inclusion, social health and prosperity.



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(+649) 377 5539