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Free Financial Education for Pacific Families with Disability

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Free Financial Education for Pacific Families with Disability

Vaka Tautua is a national “by Pacific for Pacific” health support service provider.

They offer programmes in Financial Capability for the families of people that face disability and also deliver a Growing Strong Pacific Families programme that helps to strengthen resilience in vulnerable Pacific families.

Their Financial Literacy for Pacific Families with Disability Programme has won two awards. One from the Federation of Disability Information Centre’s ‘Diane Rangi Innovation Award’ and also one from Pasifika Futures - ‘Emerging Innovation Award’.

The courses are delivered from a cultural perspective and understanding covering many topics such as disability entitlements, consumer rights and money systems. Providing financial in-home coaching and empowering families to make sustainable changes to deal with the issues that they face.

Feedback from a participant in the Financial Literacy Programme for Pacific Families with Disability: I feel proud to have completed Vaka Tautua's Financial Capability programme. I really wanted to do this to help my family as my younger brother has an intellectual disability and my parents have reached the age of retirement.

I attended the programme with my mother and brother and want to encourage others to take advantage of this free programme. It covers so much information that has helped my family to talk and make decisions about the future regarding care of my brother should anything happen to my parents. I don’t think we could have had this conversation otherwise. So it’s been really positive that we have made contact with our local Community Law Centre to get legal advice on protecting my

brother and mum and dad’s future personal care and welfare.

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should do this programme.

  1. 1. It's FREE
  2. 2. The programme is catered with a cultural understanding of Pasifika families.
  3. 3. The coaches are trained and the programme is backed with the support from the Commission for Financial Capability / Sorted (video link) (
  4. 4. The workshops were informative and of value. I really liked the workshops on understanding credit contracts, disability and consumer rights/entitlements, how to get Enduring Power of Attorney and legal protection and more.
  5. 5. You get support in your home if you need it from the coaches
  6. 6. There's no pressure to disclose your financial details or personal information.
  7. 7. You get a hearty/healthy hot meal served after each workshop and sometimes extras!
  8. 8. The opportunity to connect and meet other families who are determined to improve their financial


  1. 9. The feeling of empowerment after being equipped with the knowledge making you want to tell everyone!
  2. 10. Knowing that if you have a setback, there are support systems out there and you can try again!

Growing Strong Pacific Families through Financial Capability and Youth Mentoring is a programme designed to strengthen resilience in vulnerable Pacific families. It also incorporates Pasifika Foundation’s A-ha Music Mentoring Programme for children and youth  (

If you want to know more about this free programme email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vaka Tautua is a national “by Pacific, for Pacific” community provider running health and social support programmes for our older people, those living with disability and those needing mental health support. Our uniqueness is in the way we deliver our services in a culturally respectful and relevant way which leads to real change for Pacific in NZ.

Our programmes encourage Pacific families and communities to respect, promote and safeguard the rights of our service users and we strive to find innovative ways to lead the on-going development of health and disability support services for Pacific.

We have offices in South and West Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and seek to grow our service offering for Pacific living in New Zealand.

Other Services from Vaka Tautua include:

  • ¥ Disability Information Advice and Support Services for Pacific

(Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch)

  • ¥ Mental Health Community Support Service (Auckland DHB and Waitemata DHB)
  • ¥ Mental Health Peer Support (Waitemata DHB)
  • ¥ Mental Health Navigation Service (Capital and Coast DHB)
  • ¥ Older Peoples Day Programmes (Counties Manukau Health)
  • ¥ Financial Literacy (Auckland)
  • ¥ Growing Strong Pacific Families - families at risk of violence (Auckland)
  • ¥ Samoan and Tongan Parenting Programmes (Auckland)
  • ¥ Like Minds Like Mine (Wellington)

Please call us or visit our website if you would like information on our services. PHONE:  0800 825 282


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