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"SendMoneyPacific has helped me to choose the best provider and save money whenever I send money back to my family in Tonga."

Lynette Diloi

"I used to think my usual money transfer place was ok, until someone showed me your website – I had no idea these other cheaper options existed! Now whenever we send money home to the islands we check the rates and use the cheapest one available, which means our family back home get most of the money and not the middle man. Thank you SendMoneyPacific!"

Joseph Liava'a

" I think it’s a great service and always check the SendMoneyPacific website to see which company offers the best rates.  I now see that there are much cheaper rates offered than I have been paying, which will help me save money.  And that means my father and aunt in Fiji will receive more money."

Arieta Tora

"I used to use one company all the time, but it became too expensive. So I started to look around. Then a friend of mine said to check SendMoneyPacific. From then on I've always checked with SendMoneyPacific, before I send to my parents."

VJ Singh
via Fiji Day Celebrations in Sydney

"SendMoneyPacific provides a good service of providing the members of the Pacific Island communities the resources and the comparison of different money transfer providers that will enable us to better judge and compare the services and align our money transfer mode accordingly.  "

Apenisa Rokobaro

"Every time I send money to Fiji, I check the SendMoney Pacific website to look at the rates. This helps me with my choice of provider. Thank you for providing this vital info."

Thelma "Trey"

"SendMoneyPacific is a valuable resource for our Pacific communities because remittances are the major financial lifeline of our families and communities.  "

Jacob Fitisemanu Jr
Commissioner, President's Advisory Commission White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

"SendMoneyPacific is an invaluable resource for Pacific Islanders, their families living overseas and others who support them through cash donations. Sending money to this region has always been challenging and costly but SendMoneyPacific addresses this through the provision of accurate and comprehensive information, aimed at providing the best value for money experience for senders and receivers. I am a fan of the website, not just for its information on money transfers but also for news and community pages highlighting the goings on in the Pacific and immigrant communities all over the world. Well done Send Money Pacific!"

Ben Clare
via SendMoneyPacific survey

"'I have a business, so I'm always sending money to Fiji, every so often. It helps when you have a website like this. I'm saving here whilst my family in Fiji get more."

Anup Kumar
via Fiji Day Celebrations in Sydney

"Really shows the advantages & disadvantges of sending money using all the different available facilities, so you make the best choice on which one to use to send money."

Emily Lilioniatu
via SendMoneyPacific survey