International Remittance (NZ)

International Remittance (NZ) Limited operates through 4 locations in Auckland.

Transfers to Fiji are made by remitters from their NZ based bank accounts to their International Remittance (NZ) account. Payment is then made to any Fijian bank account.

The process takes up to 2 business days.

International Remittance (NZ) also provides services to other non-Pacific destinations.

Cash Pick-Up

With cash pick-up, your recipient can pick up money at many convenient locations throughout the world.

You may want to use the cash pick-up delivery method in cases where your recipient

-Urgently needs money
-Can't stay home for door-to-door delivery
-Doesn't have a bank account for bank deposit
-Lives in a remote areas, where cash pick-up is the fastest delivery method

Door-to-Door draft delivery services

There is no extra cost for door-to-door delivery other than transfer fees paid by the sender
International Remittance does not charge your recipient a delivery fee; a low, flat fee covers your transfer.
Delivery to over 99% of locations in India, Bangladesh, Egypt and Philippines.
Sender can send up to INR 400,000 in one single transaction.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer / Telegraphic transfer is a fast and secure electronic payment method. It is globally accepted in most countries and in their local currencies. The transfers are made via secured authenticated networks and can be made directly to a specified account and bank.

Wire transfers are simple to initiate, just complete the transfer form and take it in to an International Remittance branch along with a copy of your photo ID – Passport / NZ Driving License.


Contact Information


Email Address

Phone Numbers
Free call 0800 300 933

Head office
60 Queen Street
Auckland City
Phone: 09-307 9333
Fax: 09-307 9339

586 A, Sandringham Road
Auckland City
Phone: 09-815 7489
Fax: 09-815 2459


46C Westfield Shopping Centre
Phone: 09-263 4672
Fax: 09-262 3974

North Shore - Glenfield
224B, Glenfield Shopping Centre
Glenfield, North Shore
Phone: 09-978 9764
Fax: 09-978 9765

330 Queen Street(New)
Auckland CBD, Auckland
Phone: 09-309 8012
Fax: 09-309 8012

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