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COVID-19 Updates: Temporary Changes to Money Transfer Services in Victoria


Whilst all money transfer companies remain open for business, with the state of Victoria in lockdown, some money transfer agent locations are temporarily closed.

For Western Union, Australia Post agents are open, but  all non-essential agent locations are closed for the time being.  It is also possible to transfer money online or via the app.

MoneyGram recommend sending money with their online service or going to a 7/11 agent to send in person, as all non-essential agents are currently closed.

Island Flexi also recommend sending online or for those who cannot send online, you can deposit through SmartATM or at the bank branch. 

It is a challenging time for those who cannot easily use online banking, and money transfer companies are working to provide ways to keep the services open and available to their customers.  If you are facing any issues with your usual service or branch, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can get a list of different services and their costs here.   You can also make direct contact with your money transfer company  to ask what options they have in place. You can find a list of money transfer company contact details here.

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