sending-money-online_1 Sending money online has some advantages

Do you need to send money to your family in the Pacific, but you want to limit the amount of time you are visiting busy shops? Are you trying to stop touching cash, as you are thinking about how many other hands have touched those notes?

Transferring your money online is a way you can send from the comfort and safety of home. It can often save you money, and keep your money secure – you don’t need to carry cash. 

There are several online money transfer services that are worth looking at as often they offer better fees and lower currency conversion costs compared to when you send cash.

You can watch this video, entitled "How to transfer money online", to understand how it works, or follow these steps below:


Step 1

Look on SendMoneyPacific to compare fees and foreign exchange rates of different companies offering money transfer services.

Step 2

Choose the service that is best for you and go to their website. 

Step 3

When you are on the selected money transfer website, set up an account – you will need to provide identification the first time, and complete information on who you are sending to and where.

Step 4

Make the payment.

To send money online, usually you will need to pay by credit or debit card or by online banking. If you don’t already have an online bank account, please contact your bank. 

Step 5

Money is transferred to your receivers’ bank account or sometimes in can be picked up in cash. There may be a fee for each international money transfer, which you’ll see before you send the money. You will also be charged a currency conversion fee.  You will be told how much will be received in local currency, before you press send.

Depending on which service you use, money could be received the same day, or could take up to 5 business days to reach the receiver. 

Money is received safely to the receiving bank account or can sometimes be picked up in cash.

It’s easy to compare all costs and currency conversion costs before you send, you can check