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Ten Ways to Keep Your Money Safe When Using Your Mobile Device

Ten Ways to Keep Your Money Safe When Using Your Mobile Device

At SendMoneyPacific we love that it’s possible to send money via your mobile phone or mobile device such as a tablet, if you have access to the internet.  It’s opened up a world of opportunities for ways to send money quickly, easily, and at a reasonable cost. 

 Win-win right?

However, when using your device, it is really important to keep your information safe so no one else can get their hands on your money.

Here are 10 tips to help keep your mobile device safe, especially if you are using it to send money or access your banking details:

  1. Never use public networks (such as in cafes) to access your bank account or to send money – make sure you are on a secure internet connection
  2. Type the name of the website you are accessing into your browser – never click from a link – and make sure it has the “padlock” symbol. Or look for "https" in the URL bar so you know it is a safe link
  3. Be careful where you download apps from – make sure they are only downloaded from an official app store
  4. Keep your software up to date – always download the latest version for all mobile devices – and only download the latest versions when you are for instance at home so you know the network is secure
  5. Make sure you update your anti-virus software, too
  6. Make sure you have your security settings enabled – if you aren’t using GPS, WIFI or Bluetooth for instance, make sure that they are turned off 
  7. If you do log on to a public network, make sure you check that is in indeed a “real” network – ask the café staff what the name is of their network –  avoid connecting to the first one that shows up – did you know that it’s not so hard to set up a fake public network that can be used  to intercept your data?
  8. Disconnect any “file sharing” options
  9. Choose passwords that are hard to guess and change them often
  10. Always log out of email accounts and bank accounts, even at home, so that when you head out, nothing is open and could be accessed by other people.

Yes, the speed of technology is usually faster than our ability to keep up with it – but at least if we know some of the things we can do to protect our money, we’re a step ahead than if we do not do anything!  If you aren’t sure if you are protecting your mobile devices, ask for help from a family member or friend who is good with technology. 

Look after your money, you worked hard for it.

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