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The Reverend Haloti Kailahi – Tongan Values at Their Richest

The Reverend Haloti Kailahi – Tongan Values at Their Richest

What comes to mind when you think of Tongan people and their values?  Naturally welcoming and hospitable people with strong family bonds.  That’s not surprising! When you come from a large family you learn from an early age the value of relationship building, the power of negotiation, and serving others.

The Rev. Haloti Kailahi - born and raised in Tonga and living in Sydney with his wife, a registered nurse, and their 2 sons - credits his success in life to his Tongan upbringing, family values and his parent commitment to faith in serving God and education. 

In 1983 Rev. Haloti Kailahi left his parents and siblings in Tonga after high school to move to Sydney to study Economics at University.  Rev. Haloti then went on to have a successful career as a Business Management Executive in the corporate world for various Global companies. With tertiary qualifications in business and theology, Rev. Haloti is a member of various boards and councils of the Uniting Church in Australia. He now devotes his life to God and to helping others, as a minister of the local Uniting Church.

In his capacity as a Minister and an influential member of the Sydney Tongan community, Rev. Haloti often helps people when he can to change their perspectives on money management. The Tongan people are generous in supporting their families in Tonga, but all too often extend themselves beyond the limit of what they can afford.  Rev. Haloti understands this well as he has also supported family in Tonga and knows the costs involved. He was searching for better and more cost effective ways to send money back to Tonga when he came across the website. 

Rev. Haloti: “When I came across SendMoneyPacific it was like a light bulb came on in my head – we can change how we send money, and save money! A good way to look up and check all the companies offering money transfer services. As a result of it, I changed the company I was using, and as a free service, encourage others to use it before sending money.” 

SendMoneyPacific is a website you can use to compare the costs of money transfers to the Pacific Islands.  No company can pay to be listed on SendMoneyPacific, so you can be sure that the information is independent.

Rev. Haloti is the kind of person who strives to get ahead and is not one to be held back by obstacles.  He places a high value on education, ethics, pushing boundaries, seizing opportunities to learn, and building relationships.  We are proud that he discovered SendMoneyPacific and finds it a useful way to make sure that he and fellow community members are not paying more than they should for money transfers. 

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