Westpac (Vanuatu)

Transfer Operator Information

Transfers available through Westpac Australia to Westpac bank accounts in Fiji, PNG and Vanuatu at a preferential Foreign Exchange rate (please see below for more information). 

This can be done at a Westpac branch or over the Internet.

What you will need

To send an overseas telegraphic transfer, you will need:

-Identification Details of the person receiving the money, such as their name, address, the name of their bank, branch address and their account number

-The amount you wish to send

-The currency you wish to send

If you want to transfer money overseas using the Internet (Australia only) you will need to be:

-A Westpac customer

-Registered for Internet banking and Westpac Protect™ SMS Code.

Preferential Foreign Exchange in Fiji, PNG, Vanuatu for Westpac Australia customers

When sending from Australia to Fiji, PNG and Vanuatu, customers are advised to send AUD with AUD - local currency conversion in the destination country to ensure the best Foreign Exchange rate. 

When sending via online banking, the sender selects the Payment Currency by choosing “Australian dollar – AUD”. The money will go through as AUD and be converted by the destination Westpac bank.


When sending over the internet: AUD20 (Australia only)

When requesting at a branch in Australia with transfer to a Westpac account in the Pacific: AUD10

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