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'Ave Pa'anga Pau


Tonga Development Bank offers an innovative and streamlined way to make payments to Tonga. You can send money to family and friends online, from anywhere at any time.

TDB is unique as it is Tonga’s Bank and with a good network of branches which open on Saturday and will have ready access to Pa’anga liquidity.

‘Ave Pa’anga Pau aims at keeping the cost of money transfer low with no fee for sending your money to Tonga which means there will be more Pa’anga for your family and friends.

How it Works?

1. Create an Account

It is free and easy to create your account. You only register to ‘Ave Pa’anga Pau once and before you start, you will need to have an email account, a scanned copy of your ID and Proof of Address to be uploaded at the end of the registration.  You won’t need to upload your documents if you are registering with a NZ passport or NZ Driver’s license but if the verification will fail then you will be required to send the scanned copy to info@avepaanga.co.nz.

2. Add a Recipient

You can send money to Tonga directly to your Bank Account or to be paid out by Cash. Part of registration to ‘Ave Pa’anga Pau Voucher is registering your Recipients which you need to know their full name on their ID, their mobile number and email address if any. To send direct to their Bank account you will need to know their bank account details.

3. Purchase a Voucher

You can get live quotes and arrange a transfer in minutes.  To buy a voucher, you simply agree to the exchange rate and TOP amount to be received by your recipient.  You will be given the TDB NZ Account name and number for your Internet Bank Transfer. When you confirmed your voucher purchased, you will be prompted with a Voucher Number which you will use for your reference when you transfer your funds from your account into TDB NZ Bank Account.

4. Send us Your Funds & We release your Voucher

Once we have received your NZD payment to TDB NZ Bank Account, we will release your TOP Voucher. The Voucher is an electronic voucher. If it is a cash voucher your recipient will be notified by SMS or Email (or both if set) and receive a 6 digit token/pin number and reference number(optional) that they can present at any TDB branch together with their ID to collect the cash. If the Voucher is a bank payment we will electronically credit the funds to the selected bank account and no need for ID or token/pin number. The funds can be released to your recipient from any of TDB branches in less than 30 minutes if you are sending from Kiwi Bank and from other banks will be less than an hour.

5. Track and Confirm

Once the electronic voucher has been released to the recipient you can track the status of the collection of funds or deposit to the bank account in real time. We will also notify you of the release of funds by email.



Contact information


www.avepaanga.co.nz or www.tdb.to

Phone Numbers

Customer service +64 02041200305 Customer service +676 24465