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First Hawaiian Bank offers wire transfers from the U.S. to many foreign countries including Fiji. Wire transfers are electronic payments which are one of the safest, fastest and most efficient means of transmitting funds. Wire transfers can be used to send funds domestically or internationally (where permitted) from your account to a beneficiary. Wires can be sent and received in USD or foreign currency.

How to send money through First Hawaiian Bank

Speed of transfer

Wire transfers destined for international locations must be initiated before 2:30 PM HST (the Cutoff Time for international wires) in order to be transmitted on the same day. International payments may be sent in US dollars or major foreign currencies. International payments may take several business days to reach the Recipient.


To see First Hawaiian Bank's fees and compare, you can check the comparison tool and enter your country and the country of your recipient.

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Toll free Ph: (888)-844-4444

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