Transfer Operator Information


Suncorp offers international money transfers from Australia to bank accounts across the Pacific region.

Electronically transfer funds overseas to an account at another financial institution. Simply visit your local Suncorp branch or use the Global Payments system via Suncorp Internet Banking

Telegraphic Transfer Process

Simply visit your local Suncorp branch during branch hours; or Log on to Suncorp Internet Banking and process your Telegraphic Transfer via Global Payments for amounts under AUD $50,000 equivalent.The maximum amount that can be processed via Global Payments is AUD $50,000 equivalent.

A Security Token will be required for all online Telegraphic Transfers processed by the Global Payments system; or If you do not have Internet Banking access and you can not visit a Suncorp branch you will need to have your Power of Attorney (POA) / Third Party to Operate (TPO) perform the transaction on your behalf.

Ensure all the required payment instructions are provided to your POA/TPO. If you require further instructions please call the Suncorp Call Centre on 13 11 75 or if you are overseas on 617 3362 1222.

The following payment instructions need to be included in your Telegraphic Transfer request

-The amount you wish to transfer

-The currency to be sent

-Recipient account name

-Recipient account number (IBANs are required for all transfers to Europe and the United Kingdom)

-Recipient address details (including phone number)

-Recipient bank name and address

-Recipient bank SWIFT code

-Intermediary bank and their SWIFT codeif required

-Reason for payment


AUD $30 per transaction (plus overseas bank charges) for a telegraphic transfer processed via a Suncorp branch

AUD $20 per transaction (plus overseas bank charges) for an online telegraphic transfer processed via Global Payments

Other Financial Institutions involved in the transfer of funds may seek reimbursement for their services by way of fees which may be debited from the payment. Suncorp can not advise what fees may be charged by other Financial Institutions.

Speed of transfer

Transfers generally take 2-5 business days if there are no delays from recipient banks.


Contact information


Phone Number General Enquiries

13 11 75 (24 hours)

Head office

Level 18, Suncorp Centre
36 Wickham Terrace
(07) 3362 1222