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Lotus Foreign Exchange

Lotus Foreign Exchange Ltd offers currency exchange services and money transfer services in association with Moneygram from Australia and New Zealand to the Pacific and worldwide.


How to Send Money with Lotus Foreign Exchange

Lotus Foreign Exchange Ltd has own branches in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and associates around the world. Lotus Foreign Exchange Ltd has several branches in the Auckland and Hamilton area of New Zealand and several in Sydney, Australia.

Lotus Foreign Exchange Ltd also offers its own money transfer service.
Individuals wishing to transfer funds to bank accounts overseas are able to use the telegraphic transfer service.



How it works

• Applicant calls into any branch of Lotusfx and fills out a simple send form. (see form)

• Beneficiary does not need a bank account.

• Applicant will be provided with a 8 digit pin number that needs to be advised to beneficiary

• Beneficiary goes into any Moneygram agent office and fills a Receive Form (see form) and collects the funds

The MoneyGram option is the cheapest way to send money with Lotus Foreign Exchange.


Telegraphic transfer to bank account

How it works

• Customer fills a requisition of telegraphic transfer form (see form)

Details required :

Applicant's Name, Address, Phone contact

Beneficiary's name, bank and branch address, account number

• Lotus provides exchange rate and confirms deal

• Customer pays and the TT is sent

• Copy of receipt is provided to customer in confirmation

Modes of Payment Accepted

Lotus Foreign Exchange strives to be the easiest way to send money by accepting many different modes of payment.

• Cash Payment at branch

• Bank Cheque Payable to Lotus Foreign Exchange Ltd


• Direct credit to the bank account of Lotus


How long does sending money take?

The length of time before the beneficiary receives funds depends on which method you choose. With the MoneyGram option, the transfer will be processed in under five minutes. If you use the bank account option, the beneficiary can expect to receive funds in about two hours.


To learn more about the best ways to send money through Lotus Foreign Exchange, contact customer care at (64) 9 369 1723.


Lotus Foreign Exchange Fees


Moneygram: 14 AUD (money will be received in less than 5 minutes)
Bank account: 15 AUD (money will be received in 2 hours)

Contact information


Phone Numbers

(64) 9 369 1723

Mobile: 021 846 663 (Pravin)

Head Office

Suite 3, Level 7
Unite House
300 Queen Street Auckland
New Zealand
Fax (64) 9 369 1729

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm
Sat 10am to 4pm
Sun Closed

For an overview of Lotus Branches, visit the Lotus website