Westpac Express Card (Global Alliance ATM withdrawal)

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Westpac Express Card (Global Alliance ATM withdrawal)

The Westpac Express Card is a prepaid card you can give to friends or family overseas, you can also keep a card in New Zealand to top it up / reload for them:

How it works:

Purchase your Express card from any Westpac branch, load it with your chosen amount of money, and load a pin number
You will be given two cards on the one account; one to keep here in NZ, so you can make top-ups and an Express International card which you will need to send to your nominated cardholder overseas
You can top up your card with additional funds at any time – using online or phone banking, ATMs, or at a Westpac branch

Who can get an Express Card:

You need to be a NZ Resident or have a valid NZ Work Permit or NZ Student Visa
You don’t need to be an existing Westpac customer
The person you are sending the Express card to must reside in another country

What does it cost:

One off fee purchase fee: NZ$8
Currency conversion fee: 2.5%
Upload fee:
Free if done online or by phone
NZ$3 if done in branch or at ATM
Free at Global ATM Alliance ATMs
NZ$3 at other ATMs

Contact information


Westpac New Zealand

Phone Numbers General Enquiries

New Zealand
0800 400 600
From overseas: +64 9 912 8000

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