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With KlickEx Pacific's easy to use online portal it only takes a few clicks to deposit money using internet banking and you can transfer instantly. KlickEx's stated low fees and great exchange rates mean that you should save money or your family gets more.

What's even better is that Digicel has more agents in Samoa, Tonga and Fiji so there are hundreds of mobile money agents to collect or spend money. Plus they can buy Top Up, pay bills or make purchases all from their Digicel phone.

KlickEx Pacific is ranked the number one low cost mobile money/remittance service in Asia, by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

How to send money through KlickEx Pacific - Digicel

All Money Transfers require a PIN. The recipient will also need to show ID to collect their money.

Making payments for Money Transfers to Top Ups to your family in the Pacific is quick and easy. All that is required for fast, low cost transfers is a simple bank transfer from your account into KlickEx Pacific's account so that they can send your cash directly to your family or friends.

If you don't have internet banking, you can deposit funds directly into any of over 1000 Commonwealth Bank branches in Australia or 280 Kiwibank Branches in New Zealand, or if you are in New Zealand you can visit KlickEx direct agent locations for an even faster transfer.

Please visit www.klickexpacific.com/help/agentlocations.aspx for a full list of agent locations.

It is also possible to pay instantly by credit card, please note extra charges may apply.

KlickEx Pacific is the fastest way to Send Money via KlickEx (which aims to be the lowest cost, fastest service in the world) and usually takes less than 5 minutes to reach your family or friends in the Pacific.

How to join KlickEx Pacific?

This process is done online and takes no more than 5 minutes.

Login to KlickEx Pacific choose Send Money or Send Top Up.

Choose a recipient from your contact list or type in the recipient's name and mobile phone number.

Select how much you want to send and how you want to pay.

Click the ‘send now' button.

What does it cost?

Visit the Rate Calculator at www.klickexpacific.com to see the actual cost with the latest exchange rate and fee. A withdrawal fee may apply, this varies by destination. Further information is available at www.klickexpacific.com/help/forthem.aspx.

No fees applied for withdrawal in Fiji or Tonga, however fees may apply in Samoa. Once the funds are received in the respective mobile wallets, fees may apply if the receiver transfers to another Digicel wallet in the same country. Please visit Digicel country websites for more information. 

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