Pacific Ezy Money Transfer

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Pacific Ezy Money Transfer

Pacific Ezy Money Transfer offers money transfer services to Samoa from several branches across the Auckland area and at agents across New Zealand.


How to Send Money Through Pacific Ezy Money Transfer

Sending money in-person

Pacific Ezy has multiple locations and agents in Samoa and NZ. You can find the one closest to you by visiting their website.

You will be asked to complete a transfer form and submit ID. You can then call the receiving party to tell them the receipt number for the transfer.

These transfers take 45 minutes or less, and are the easiest way to send money through Pacific Ezy without getting a membership card.

Pacific Ezy Membership Card

If you register with Pacific Ezy and get a membership card, you can send money through direct credit, internet transfers, and more.

Direct credit

With a quick call, text or email explaining the transfer details, you can quickly make a deposit in any BNZ account. Pacific Ezy processes these transfers same day and sends you a receipt.

Online transfer

You can also transfer funds easily online with Pacific Ezy. Funds will be remitted during the next working day, and your receipt will be emailed to you. This is probably the best way to send money with Pacific Ezy.


Money Transfer Fees

Use our international transfer comparison tool to view up to date fees as they can vary. Alternatively, you can call customer service at Pacific Ezy for more information on rates and more at +64 9 276 7974.


Is it safe to send my money through Pacific Ezy?

Pacific Ezy uses strict identification requirements to ensure that your money is transferred safely. They also adhere to the highest possible standards of the AML/CFT Act (Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act).


Contact information



Email Address

Phone Numbers

Customer service +64 9 276 7974

New Zealand Offices

Pacific Ezy Money Transfer
2/11 Mason Rd
Ph: 64 9 276 7974
Fax: 64 9 2767990

Pacific Ezy Money Transfer
122a Bairds Road
Ph: 64 9 273 7054

Pacific Ezy Lending Ltd
Shop 1 
254 Lincoln Road
Ph: 64 9 835 2348
Fax: 64 9 835 3974

Agent network

More than 100 agents around New Zealand serving the Samoan Community.

Pacific Ezy Money Transfer has 3 offices on Upolu island and 2 offices in Savaii.

Samoa Offices

Upolu – Savalalo
Pacific Ezy Money Transfer
Ground Floor
DBS Building (Opposite Fish Market)
Ph: 20149 20150

Upolu - Vaitele Market
Pacific Ezy Money Transfer
Monalisa Complex
Vaitele (next to ANZ branch)

Savaii - Salelologa
Pacific Ezy Money Transfer
Avau & Mateo Store (opp ANZ)
Ph: 685 51550

Savaii - Fagamalo
Pacific Ezy Money Transfer
Samoa Post Building
Ph: 685 54212

Savaii - Asau
Pacific Ezy Money Transfer
Tui Vaai Store (Auala)
Ph: 685 58144