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Xpress Money

Xpress Money is a worldwide instant money transfer service with over 135,000 locations available worldwide across 5 continents and over 125 countries.

Money can be transferred in 4 methods through Xpress Money:

-Cash Pick Up
-Account Credit
-Door Delivery
-Mobile Money Transfer

Cash to Cash

The beneficiary can just walk into any Xpress Money pay-out location and collect the money in cash

Xpress Money provides Instant cash pick up service from Australia and New Zealand to Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu with numerous branches in these countries which can be viewed at www.xpressmoney.com/gl/oc/oc_en/find-an-agent.html

Cash to Account*

Funds maybe simply transferred straight to the beneficiary’s bank account and can be withdrawn at an ATM or used at a shopping outlet.

Door Service*

To make the process of sending money completely hassle-free the sender can choose to have the money delivered at the receiver’s address.

Mobile Money Transfer

The sender can choose to send money to a mobile number which can be easily withdrawn at a bank or at any of the mobile service franchisees

*services are available in only certain countries

How to Send Money

Visit any Xpress Money send agent
Fill out a send money form
Make sure that the beneficiary’s name is spelt correctly
Hand over amount to be transferred and transfer charges
Give the beneficiary the unique 16 digit XPIN number

How to Receive Money

With Anywhere Payout, beneficiaries can now receive money from any convenient Xpress Money agent location within the country they reside in. Senders do not have to specify an exact location while remitting money as the payout can happen from anywhere within the receive country. While collecting money receiver can walk in to any agent location within the receive country, provide the XPIN number with a valid photo id and receive the money sent to him/her. Anywhere Payout is available in a few countries. Go to the website to see which countries have the Anywhere Payout option.

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Head office (VIC) 03-9863 8395/6/7
Customer Service 1800 198 985