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Bank of America Account holders enrolled in ‘Online Banking’ at Bank of America have two options when sending a wire transfer to Fiji, Samoa, or Tonga:

1. Visit a Bank of America branch and send the money in person
2. Log in online to Bank of America’s ‘Online Banking’ service
            -upon logging into the Online Banking service, select the ‘Transfers’ tab
            -next select the ‘Outside the Bank’ transfers tab

There is a fee of $45 to send transfers up to USD500 to Fiji, Samoa, or Tonga.

The speed of transfer
The speed of transfer for International Outbound Transfers is Same-Business-Day. This means that funds will be debited from the sender’s Bank of America account on the business day that the sender initiates the transfer, and that Bank of America will send the payment out on that business day. The recipient’s bank typically receives the funds 1-2 business days later, which will then be credited to the recipient within 2 days.

However, Bank of America exonerates itself of any disruption in the transfer due to the failure of another financial institution to act in a timely manner. Bank of America will trace your transfer if the recipient has not received it in 3 weeks, and charges a $25 fee per transfer trace.

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