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Bank of Hawaii

Bank of Hawaii offers international money transfers in US dollars or Foreign Currency.


How to Send Money Through Bank of Hawaii

The International Banking Division at Bank of Hawaii offers a variety of different services. These options ensure that their clients have access to the best ways to send money. You can send money through one of the bank’s select branches for international transfers. Please go to the Bank of Hawaii website or call 1-800-643-3888 for information on the closest branch to you.

You can also take advantage of one of the easiest ways to send money by using online banking services through Bank of Hawaii.


How long does it take to send money?

International money transfers typically show up in the recipient’s bank account in one business day.


Is it safe to send my money through Bank of Hawaii?

Bank of Hawaii is a well-respected, large company with the resources necessary to protect your funds. It also utilizes all the latest security technology to ensure that your transactions are tamper-proof and completely secure.



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