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Rocket Remit offers a fast and easy way to send money to the Pacific and Asia providing instantaneous mobile money transfers to selected countries.

To send money, all you need to do is send an SMS or send online via our website. The recipient does not need to have a bank account – just use their mobile number.

How much does it cost to send money?
Rocket Remit has a low $5 flat fee for sending money to any country regardless of the amount. We also have great rates so your friends and loved ones will always receive more.

How much can I send?
You can send between $50 and $500 at a time. Some limits apply. See FAQs and Terms and Conditions on the website for more details.

How it works:

You have two options: Send by SMS or Online.

Send by SMS:
Just text the following information:

‹mobile› is the mobile number of the person receiving the payment in international format
‹amount› is the amount in Australian dollars and cents in the format xx.xx
‹firstname› is the first name of the person receiving the payment
‹lastname› is this last name of the person receiving the payment
‹address› is the address of the person receiving the payment

If you wanted to send AUD 100 to Datu Igme’s mobile phone you would type in the text below:

pay 639166029888 100 Datu Igme Paco Manilla 1007


Send your SMS to the Rocket Remit number: 0488 762 538 (0488 ROCKET)

Send Online:
Log in to your dashboard at and click on the Send button. Fill in the details for the beneficiary and send!

How do I get started?
To get started, please Signup and
You also receive a $5 fee signup bonus which means your first time remittance is free.



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1300 696 448 (1300 MY MHIT)

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Level 1 Melbourne Building
43 – 45 Northbourne Avenue 
PO Box 601