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ANZ is able to send the local currency for over 40 countries and major currencies such as US Dollars or Euros to most other countries. Transfers are available through ANZ (Australia) and ANZ (New Zealand) to the Pacific region.

ANZ International Money Transfers (IMTs) can be purchased through:

-ANZ Internet Banking

-ANZ Phone Banking

-ANZ branches/ANZ Foreign Exchange centres

  • ANZ Internet Banking

ANZ IMTs can be purchased online via ''International Services'' in the ''Pay and Transfer'' menu of ANZ Internet Banking (using an ANZ transaction account or ANZ credit card only). 

To register for ANZ Internet Banking, you will need a Customer Registration Number (CRN) and Telecode.

  • ANZ Phone Banking

ANZ IMTs can be purchased using an ANZ transaction account via ANZ Phone Banking.
To begin enjoying the convenience of ANZ Phone Banking, you will need:

-a touch tone phone
-one or more linked ANZ accounts
-a CRN and Telecode.

  • ANZ branches and ANZ Foreign Exchange centres

ANZ IMTs can be purchased by visiting an ANZ branch or Foreign Exchange Centre (using an ANZ transaction account or ANZ credit card). 

Please note that specific conditions apply for IMTs purchased through ANZ

Phone Banking and customers may be subject to different monetary limits.

Sending an International Money Transfer

In order to send an IMT, you will need to provide the beneficiary’s name, address and account number, as well as the beneficiary’s bank details (including full branch address or the SWIFT BIC code). 

What fees are involved?

From Australia

If you send an ANZ International Money Transfer to Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga or Vanuatu, it is now AUD9 for payments initiated by internet banking, phone banking or via an Australian ANZ branch.

Transfers to PNG, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu remain AUD18 by internet banking, or AUD32 by phone banking or branch transfer.

From New Zealand

If you send an ANZ International Money Transfer from New Zealand to Samoa, Tonga or Vanuatu, it is now NZD7 for payments initiated by ANZ Internet Banking. Transfers made via ANZ branch or phone banking remain at NZD25 to these countries.

Transfers to Fiji, Kiribati, PNG, Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands remain at NZD18 for ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ Direct Online transfers, and NZD25 for ANZ branch and phone banking transfers.

Customers are advised to clarify that the lower AUD9 and NZD7 fees are applied, where relevant in Australia and New Zealand before initiating their international money transfer.

Please note that International payments sent via an overseas bank may be subject to commissions, fees and other charges charged by that bank. Those commissions, fees or charges will generally be deducted by the overseas bank from the funds paid to the beneficiary.

When will the beneficiary receive payment?

The time it takes for the payment to be made to the beneficiary largely depends on how long it takes the beneficiary’s bank to credit the account. Typically, if ANZ is provided by you with the correct information and does not need to contact you to confirm your instructions or your identity, the funds should reach the beneficiary’s account within 2-4 working days.

Please note, that weekends and public/bank holidays may delay the delivery of funds.


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Phone Numbers General Enquiries

Australia: 13 13 14 
International: +613 9683 9999

New Zealand: 0800 368 524
International: +64 4 473 0370

24 hours a day, 7 days a week