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Orbit Remit

With MoneyMove IT you can send money directly to bank accounts in over 40 countries. 

Payment options
-MoneyMove IT offer several ways to pay, depending on the country you are paying from, but funds need to be received electronically.

-Cash payments are not accepted, and currently MoneyMove IT are not offering credit card payments.
-MoneyMove IT do not direct debit your bank account - you need to login to your internet banking and transfer to them, if you have chosen internet banking as the payment method.

You will be guided through all possibly payment options when you book a transfer in the system, including details of the bank account you need to deposit the money to, and the account and transaction reference number you must add so MoneyMove IT can match your payment to your account.

Steps to getting started
Step 1 and 2 only need to be done the first time you use the system.

• Step 1. Register
To use the Money Move IT service, you need to:
Register by completing our simple online registration form. You will need to choose a 4 digit personal identification number (PIN) and a secret question, so MoneyMove IT can identify you if required.

Once you have completed the registration form, you will be sent an email with a link. Click the link to activate your account, and you can then log in immediately.

When you have logged in, you can add people or organisations you would to like to send money to from the My Contacts menu. You will need to know their bank account details if you want to send them money.

• Step 2. Confirm your identity
It is a legal requirement that you need to provide proof of your identity for international money transfers.
If you want to send more than USD $200 or the equivalent in another currency you will need to provide MoneyMove IT with some photo ID (drivers licence or passport), and proof of where you live (e.g an electricity bill). 

You can either scan and upload these to the system, or take a digital photo using your camera or phone, and upload these.

MoneyMove IT manually inspects all loaded documents. Normally approval takes one business day, and you will only be able to send larger amounts once you are approved.

• Step 3. Send Money
To send money or pay a bill, login to the system, then click on the "Send Money" button and follow the instructions on the screen:
Enter the amount and currency you would like to transfer, and the currency you would like to convert to.

Next, enter the details of the bank account you are sending the funds to.

Any fees to be paid as part of the transaction will be added to the amount being transferred, and you will see the details any fees before you are asked to accept the transaction.

Finally confirm the transaction details. You will receive a confirmation email.

• Step 4. Pay for your transfer
MoneyMove IT will hold the transfer until they receive payment from you (MoneyMove IT can't guarantee the exchange rate until the payment is received). 

You will need to login to your internet banking account, and pay the full amount of the transfer, including fees, just like you would pay for any domestic bill via internet banking in your country. The system will give you instructions regarding what you need to pay, and to which bank account.

As soon as your cleared funds appear in MoneyMove IT's bank account, they will email you, advising you of the exchange rate that has been set for the transaction. MoneyMove IT will then begin the process of sending money. 

Typically it can take between 1 to 3 days for the money to arrive in the overseas bank account - the time delay depends on the bank and the country you are sending the funds to. Cash out payments (where available) can be collected immediately.

4.99 AUD/ 4.99 NZD/ 4.99 USD

There are no fees for registering, or for holding an account balance with Money Move IT.Fees are only charged when a money transfer is made. 

How long will it take to transfer my funds?
This depends on where you are sending the money to.
Once MoneyMove IT have received your cleared funds into their account and have converted them, they will action payment immediately to the account you have nominated. If you pay by internet banking, generally the payment won't show up in their account until the following business day, so MoneyMove IT can't start processing your trade until then. Most bank account transfers usually take 1 to 3 business days after they have received your payment.

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+64 4 889 2803

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