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KlickEx - High Priority

KlickEx is a regulated, online system that connects banks, local businesses and consumers to find the best possible exchange rate, every time.

KlickEx is a community where people come together to exchange currencies, with each other, not with a bank. If you need to move money to friends and family, transactions happen in real time, free of charge.

KlickEx uses the internet to find the very best exchange rates based on the urgency (priority) of the transaction and current market conditions. Customers select rates based on these results, then KlickEx scans foreign banks and local businesses to locate funds at the selected rate. Once located, the exchange is instant - and the funds arrive in the other country immediately.

What are the fees for exchanging money?

There are no fees for exchanging money using KlickEx.

Money can be forwarded to local banks (25 cent withdrawal fee); accessed via the Internet (free), by SMS, or used to top-up mobile phones (in some countries). Some charges will apply for Cash Collection (via a KlickEx MoneySpot - where available). No Minimum Amount ($5.00 or more is advised).

How long does it take to transfer funds?

Payments in the same currency are instant. If you are swapping currencies, the market currently processes every 5 minutes to allow time for market orders to accumulate so that you can get the best exchange rate possible.

If you have requested a rate that is unfavorable to other members, then it may take several iterations to complete the whole offer. To speed this up, simply offer the market a better rate. Either way, your transaction will be processed as soon as you have completed it. KlickEx is real time.

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