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Live Comparison results: New Zealand Tuvalu $200

Live Comparison Results may not include every operator available for this remittance corridor. To see all of the options please visit the $200 and $500 all operator results.
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Last updated on 31st December 2020.

Method of
Speed of
CurrencyFair CurrencyFair 23rd Jan 2021, 20:01 GMT
5.00 0.9256 175.49 2 days
MoneyGram MoneyGram 23rd Jan 2021, 20:01 GMT
10.00 0.8845 168.06 Instant



Method of Transfer
ACH Transfer ACSS Transfer ATM
BACS Bank Deposit Bill Payment
Boleto Cash Card Physical Delivery Cash Card Reload
Cash Pick Up CHAPS Credit Card
Debit Card Faster Payments IDEAL
Instant Mobile Top Up Mobile Wallet
PayPal Physical Delivery POLi
Send and Swipe SEPA SOFORT

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