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Start Saving Now!

Start Saving Now!

On 6 July 2011 at about 11.00pm, my grandfather Matealona Kaifoto rested on his couch.  He lay down comfortably watching the State of Origin game.  Literally 10 minutes later my grandpa felt a bundle of pain curl up in his chest.  Next thing he knew he awakened four days later only to find his family mourning by his side.  My grandpa was surprised to find he was in hospital.

Two months down the road my grandpa was forbidden to work for the rest of his life.  My family found it hard living financially because my grandpa was the only one working before he had fallen sick.  Altogether his five kids all cooperated financially and emotionally.

My grandpa was always a man of his word and as soon as he was able to talk, walk and think he immediately said that he wanted to start saving and budgeting.  Budgeting meant managing income and expenditure with a plan.  He wanted to save because he knew when his time was past his family would be able to manage themselves financially.

So they began by cutting and decreasing discretionary items which helped them very well.  For a start it gave them more savings and this was a huge step for them as they were never disciplined with their money, which meant they rarely had a lot of savings.  They now had home cooked meals and my grandmother had income from babysitting the grandchildren, and there are a lot of grandchildren!

Five months later they maintained their plan managing their expenditure and income with a plan.  My family is now getting on well financially.  It was a bit rough at times, but we have more flexibility when spending money.  It is now less stressful knowing that we are coping well financially.  We have savings which could be used for funerals, car maintenance, food, doctor bills (for kids), utility bills and unexpected expenses, etc.

A few months after budgeting my grandpa had a pace maker inserted, which is a device that shocks your heart back into a regular heart rhythm when one has a heart attack.  My grandfather then started getting casual shocks and that involved ambulances arriving each time this happened (this happened a lot).  Since my grandfather decided to budget this resulted in the ambulance expenses being affordable.

I’m warning you – it can be too late by the time it gets to you!  Luckily for my grandfather, he got a second chance and came to his senses.  You don’t want to be the one saying ‘If only I had known sooner’.  You might not be like my grandfather and get a second chance.  You do not want to leave your loved ones in financial trouble, so START SAVING NOW.

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