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Saving For Moment; Moment For Saving

Saving For Moment; Moment For Saving

Walking down the street with pride and challenge. I see a lot of people queue in one of the famous banks. I stand outside and found everywhere in the bank the word SAVING. One of the bank staff came to me and brought a little box.  He said, “Take it, you may find this box helpful.”  I noticed on the little box there is a hole line in the top.  Holding it and thinking what does this box mean.  I woke up and found it is my dream.

While laying down in my bed, the shining sun filling my bedroom.  The warmth of the day touches my body and I can feel it.  Looking outside my window, a cloudless sky above.  I hear many beautiful voices singing and I find it’s a heap of birds flying around in the trees.  Flower-pots are smelling nice as original perfume.  Coming to my mind I think, today I will make my dream become real.  “Time for breakfast children,” Mum yelled.  We all run toward the kitchen seat in the place where Mum assigned to each of us.  Fried rice and pancake are so hot and tasty.  Dad said, “Eat fast, so no one will be late to school.”  Linda my big sister and my other four brothers left for school.  Mum and I stay home because I was feeling sick.  I came outside seeking equipment that will be used to make my little box.  I found nothing, but I remembered my 2B8 lecture book.  Cut and make it a small box.  Crayons are thrown everywhere – looking for the blue colour, I paint the box.

After that, I make a hole line in the top. I think that this box means to me as a deepest useful thing to me.

Looking at the MoneyPACIFIC guide online. I saw a tip, which said, “One of the best things to save money is to never see it.  Have a small sum of money go directly into a saving account every pay day.  It will add up faster than you think.”

“Even if I don’t have a savings account in the bank, but this box will be my savings account,” I murmured in my heart.  I know for sure that this smart tip talks about my little savings box.  Sun is fading away.  Dad and Linda are at home now while my four brothers walk in the street.  Dad is working at the Group Construction Company as a carpenter.  We eat our dinner meal every day at 6:00pm.  Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are the only days we eat meat, then the rest of the days we eat crop only.  After doing our homework we said our family prayer at 9:00pm, then we sleep.  Roosters crowing, I get up and iron my uniform and prepare for school.  Mum always gives each of us $0.50 every morning.  Not more, not less.  When I get my coin, I throw it inside my savings box.  I do this every day before I go to school.

After five months I noticed the box was too heavy and full.  So I make another box which looks similar to the first one.  Linda asks, “What is that?”. “It’s my little savings box that I use to save my money,” I replied.  We both agree to work together on throwing money into the second box.  We do this every day before we go to school.

In the following month, Dad is not at work anymore because he is sick with appendicitis.  In that time Mum gave each of us 20 cents instead of 50 cents.  We never give up on throwing to our savings box even if it is 20 cents.  Dad can’t endure his sickness, then we take him to hospital.  The doctor said, “He will be laying here.  We are going to scan him tomorrow and also we will do his surgery after the scan. … you will pay for the hospital fees.”  My parents feel the pinch at that moment.  I go in secret to the doctor and ask him to make my Dad well.  For the hospital fees, I’ll pay for it.

The doctor takes care of my Dad and us children go back home.  I count the first savings box and it totals up to $76.50.  For two weeks my father is in hospital.  One night I lay down on my bed, looking at the sky.  I see a ripe banana among the stars, wishing that I could get it to my Dad.  The doctor told my Dad he will go home now.  He also reminded him to pay the cost before he goes home.  Dad worries about the money to pay the fees.  Following the doctor, I ask him what the total amount is to pay.  He said, “$5.00 per night, two weeks your Daddy laying here so you will pay $70.00”.  I pay all of it and ask him don’t let my Dad know that I’m the one who pays the cost.  ”You can go home now, and your fees are already paid by a little girl.  She doesn’t want me to mention her name to you”.  Dad smiles and said, “God be bless that little girl.”  Until today my family never knew that I’m the one who paid the fees.

I keep in my mind the smart tip that I read on the MoneyPACIFIC guide.  Getting back to what I dream, saving is everywhere.  This smart tip helped me and especially my Dad.  Adding a small drop of water to a cup can become full and the thirsty drink from it.  One little sand added with other little sands can defend the land when the sea is rough and the waves are huge.  Coin and coins can add up and pay a useful thing like what I did.  “Save as you can, and never see it until you think it’s time to use.”

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