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Why you should pay your bills on time

Why you should pay your bills on time

When I met my partner 10 years ago, I had the adrenaline rush of showering him with expensive gifts and impressing him with luxury holidays and fancy restaurants.  That was then, when I prided myself on paying my bills on time and upholding a spectacular credit rating.  As years have gone by, the adrenaline has slowly faded and the pain began to creep in whenever I open the mail box because it is swarming with bills all the time.  So where did it all go wrong?

From what I remember, I was living the lifestyle of being interest-free.  What I mean by this is uncomplicated; I paid all my bills on time and remained stress free.  Suddenly it all changed and life was getting harder.  I felt frustrated with the bills and help was coming from nowhere.  Even though I had a steady job and finances should not have been a concern, I was really struggling.  The main reason turns out to be simple.  It was my disorganised lifestyle.  With the money going out there should always be money going in – that simple.  But I paid no attention to the equation and the bills started to pile up.  It was dreadful.  I woke up thinking about bills and went to bed without a solution.  It upset me and I started to hide to avoid people.

Living in debt was like drowning under water and all you could see is everything in the air has been blurred out.  Then I realised, in order to see things clearly from under water there needed to be some serious lifestyle changes; to eliminate debt and start living a debt free lifestyle.

That is when it occurred to me that I should seek help.  With the aid of goggles from MoneyPACIFIC, I was able to see more clearly under water.  The idea was easy – it is essential that you pay on time.  Late fees eat away at money you could be saving.

When I read it I had an instinct.  It is time to put an end to my misery, although half of me was still thinking it is impossible.  But it happened anyway.  That smart tip has pulled me out of the under currents and given me fresh air.  All of a sudden, I feel motivated.  I’m starting to get on top of my bills and never miss a payment.  Put simply, paying bills on time avoids penalties and the nightmare of seeing countless reminders and threatening letters.  I guess I am not alone in this situation.  There may be others out there who get antsy from their stack of bills and cannot motivate themselves to make a start on tackling the problem.

Thinking ahead… if you don’t pay on time it will negatively impact on your credit history, which will have a severely negative impact on your financial future.  To make sure this don’t happen to you, always pay your bills on time, and always avoid missing a payment.  It can be rewarding in many ways.  I am looking forward to the day that I declare myself to be debt free, to bring back that adrenaline feeling of happiness to our lives.

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