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Children learn from their family

Children learn from their family

This tip has helped me transform my 2 year old from that screaming toddler in the middle of the Pak ‘n Save aisle that cries for everything chocolate within her sight, to an inquisitive and thoughtful little toddler who now questions whether mummy has enough money in her piggy to buy her a Kinder Surprise (a hollow chocolate egg containing a small toy).

Given that I am still trying to potty train Miss Two, it never occurred to me that even at the precious age of two, my daughter would be able to comprehend the basic systemic use and value of money.  So how did I achieve this with Miss Two, you may ask?  Well, I undertook the following strategies:

Teaching and making Miss Two realise that things don’t come for free and then introducing the basic concept of ‘money’ to her.  When Miss Two would want to immediately open and devour a chocolate while we’re at the store, I had to repeatedly tell her that she couldn’t open it straight away otherwise both her and mummy would get into a lot of trouble, and that she had to wait until we gave the lady at the front (checkout operator) money for the chocolate.  Once we got to the checkout, I would give Miss Two the money to hand over to the lady in which she then received her chocolate.  After repeating this on three separate occasions, Miss Two caught on pretty quick.  Least to say, this made shopping a lot less stressful for mummy as I no longer had to battle the tantrums.

Teaching Miss Two to appreciate the value of Hard Work and Saving.  Miss Two now has a little piggy, which she treasures and guards closely.  Watch out anyone who goes near her piggy! (lol).  Miss Two knows that in order to get things she wants from the shop, she needs to have money.  Therefore lesson 2 has been around working for your money.  I will give Miss Two anything up to $1 for either picking up her toys, being nice to her little sister, etc.  Miss Two gets extremely excited about putting her money into her piggy.  On shopping day, which is usually every Wednesday, Miss Two will take out her savings and count her coins; not in monetary value but will count from 1 to 10.  Her savings usually only get her the one Kinder Surprise, but hey, to a two-year-old, it seems like the world!

These money and life lessons have been wonders for Miss Two and our family as a whole.  I would strongly recommend that everyone apply this MoneyPACIFIC tip to all their children and start planting in them the values and skills of hard work, appreciation, and saving money.

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