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Make sure you get the best deal when sending money home!

Make sure you get the best deal when sending money home!

When my mobile phone rings and shows an international phone number, I cringe inwardly.  In fact, I roll my eyes and quietly ask “Who is dead now?  How much do you need?  Why, oh why me?”  But I pick up the phone regardless and switch on my happy caring voice, because no one disobeys my Samoan mother.  Inevitably, I end the conversation with “Okay mother, I will send you the reference number to collect your money”.

For years I have received the same phone call and driven to the same agency to send the requested amount.  The shop assistant knows me, my husband and my two children and my licence plate number.  You could say we are regulars in the money sending world.  VIPs even.  As more and more phone calls came, I started to feel resentful and frustrated, wondering why I have to support others who did little for me, or my loved ones.

Around the same time I stumbled across MoneyPACIFIC and SendMoneyPacific, through their website.  It wasn’t just the fact that it provided a place for me to compare rates before sending, or that it offered useful advice about managing my money.  It was more the fact that they seemed to know me!  Are there truly others like me who send money at the same place because we are used to it?  Are there really others who don’t know the true and real cost of sending money?

But surely, the agency I use gives me great benefits.  I get a $5 credit to call my family and a Gold card for my loyalty.  Of course they have my best interests at heart!  But what floored me at the time was seeing that my preferred agency charged a horrendous amount compared to others.  This, along with unfavourable currency conversion that I did not consider before.  Suddenly the $5 phone credit and the Gold Card seemed trivial.

Today I know better because I have made SendMoneyPacific my first stop before sending money.  I read their updates on Facebook, and now I am better informed and always shop around before I send money.

I still cringe inward and roll my eyes whenever I get that phone call.  However, I am less frustrated because I know better.  I check online for who provides the best rates.  I take advantage of specials by different companies when SendMoneyPacific updates me about it.  Now the challenge is getting my loved ones to think the same because any saving is healthy if we are to continue in this never-ending business of sending money home.

Faafetai tele lava to the people behind MoneyPACIFIC and SendMoneyPacific!

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