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Changing habits for a better life

Changing habits for a better life

MoneyPACIFIC has helped save my life financially, spiritually and emotionally. I have been employed for five years now. I started working in July 2008 and have been struggling financially.

Don’t know where to start, but I did not know how to save and I just cannot make myself a wise buyer. Getting my salary fortnightly just cannot take me to the next pay. I always end up with a lot of debts to be paid.

It came to a time where I found myself so miserable – I could not afford to deal with everyday life’s spending. I always get stuck with my choices of whether to pay debts and have nothing to eat throughout the week or the other way around.

This was like choosing between life and death. I carried on with this burden and not being able to save for unexpected matters, especially when it came to family obligations. I also had no other choice but to take a loan and still not look for the lowest interest rate. I can say this was like hell for me – it was so hard that it breaks my heart every time I think about money.

In October 2010 I decided to get married. This was one of the most important financial decisions I made because marrying for love and staying together is a smart financial move. I also got the MoneyPACIFIC guide in 2011 and read the Smart Tips. I began to feel useful and to be able to make the right decisions.

I sat down and said to myself “No more hard times for me”.

I moved on to 2012 with the MoneyPACIFIC Smart Tips and being proud of myself. With MoneyPACIFIC I now know about comparing prices when sending money, being a wise buyer, and making a loan at an affordable interest rate.

I am so happy that I’m being able to save up and I know that saving doesn’t just mean getting discounts on your purchases. It also means putting away money for a rainy day and pretending I never saw it. Now half of my pay goes straight to my account. This helps me create an emergency fund so that if something does go wrong I won’t be sick with worry, wiping out debts once and for all, paying off those bills that never seem to go away, and eventually it means putting your money to work for you.

I had to find ways to lower everyday costs by building habits that can change the way I look at my life, my household, and the future.  But it starts with some basic principles and some potentially terrifying concepts – budget, saving accounts, and spending habits.

It does scare me to death and fill me with guilt. But when I step back and look at my patterns of behaviour, dreams for the future and the real impact of my choices, everyday it’s painless and fun – this is how saving money can be. I keep loving the Smart Tips on MoneyPACIFIC because it has improved my life financially and spiritually.

Now in reality MoneyPACIFIC is the real advice solution for financial problems. Financially speaking, a long run on life is important so look for the best choices.

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