Visits to Fiji reach new high


Fiji's Bureau of Statistics says more people than ever before visited Fiji last year with a 6 percent increase in visitors compared to the previous year.

Nearly 850,000 visitors arrived, nearly half of them from Australia.
New Zealanders made up nearly a a quarter of arrivals and one in ten were from the United States.
Of the 842,884 arrivals, 43 percent of them were from Australia, 22 percent from New Zealand and 10 percent from the United States.
The Bureau says on average 1000 Australians and 500 New Zealanders arrived in Fiji every day.
The remainder of the visitors came from other Pacific countries (6 percent), China (5 percent) and Europe (4 percent).
July was the most popular month to go to Fiji with over 90,000 arrivals recorded.
Most of those arriving in Fiji are there to holiday, with visits to friends and family the next most popular reason.

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