Tuitubou Urges Fijians To Participate In Sports Day


The following is the Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou’s statement in light of the National Sports and Wellness Day today, 29 June 2018.

Government, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports and partner agencies, wishes to encourage all FIjians to participate in the National Sports and Wellness Day (NSWD) 2018.

The Government has gazetted the National Sports and Wellness Public Holiday on 29 June this year so that all of us from all works of life, all ages, genders and abilities can participate in a non-competitive and fun sporting programme to promote healthy living and lifestyle.

Our theme this year is “A healthy Fiji starts with you”.

This was selected to create awareness about us taking responsibility for our health to prevent Non-Communicable Diseases. Globally, NCDs are killing 40 million people each year, accounting for 70 per cent of all deaths.

Among these, 17 million people die from NCDs before reaching the age of 70 (pre-mature death).

The majority of these deaths (87 per cent) occur in low and middle income countries – Fiji is a middle income country.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services continues to highlight that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Fiji, coupled with diabetes, cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

The organisation of NSWD 2018 and other wellness programmes is our recommitment as Government to combat the spread of NCDs promoted actively by our NCD Champion, His Excellency the President.

A comprehensive approach to health promotion embraces actions directed at strengthening the skills, capabilities and determination of us all to improve our health alongside actions directed towards changing social, environmental and economic conditions which have an impact on our health.

By eating healthily and exercising regularly, we can beat NCDs and we can contribute to “A healthy Fiji starts with you”.

By: Laisenia Tuitubou


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