Susa Celebrates

Papua New Guinea

As part of PNGs 41st independence celebrations held in Port Moresby, Susa, the official mascot of the U20 Women’s World Cup, 2016, made an appearance, getting acquainted with the crowd.

CEO of the local organising committee, Seamus Marten, said its part of the hype leading up to the November tournament.

Coinciding with the independence day celebrations at the Paga ring-road near Ela beach, downtown Port Moresby, was a cacophony of colour, as Susa, the official Mascot of the U20 Women’s World Cup, made an appearance.

Inspiration of her Susa comes from the famous bird of Paradise of Papua New Guinea. Susa was happily, taking photos with the many members of the public.

Seamus Marten, the CEO of FIFAs Local Organising Committee for the world cup, felt Susa’s appearance was timely.

While a lot of focus has been on the preparations for the World Cup itself, Marten remarked on Susa’s popularity at the FIFA headquarters as well.

Susa will be having a number of public appearances as part of the lead up to the opening of the world cup.


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