PNG Defence Celebrates Open Day

Papua New Guinea

The PNG Defence Force, First Battalion Royal Pacific Islands Regiment–Taurama Barracks today celebrates its Open Day leading up to the 65th Anniversary of the Royal Pacific Islands Regiment which will take place on the 11th of this Month.

The celebrations were open to the public who turned up in numbers to celebrate with the Soldiers in their organized activities of Mock Battle, Chopper and Ground Battle and also demonstrations of Obstacle Crossing.

Lieutenant Colonel Edison Napyo says this is also an opportunity for the public to also ask questions about how the Defence Force carry out its operations while on and off duty and also the sacrifices and difficulties they withstand to provide security for the country.

Lt Napyo says the main event of the Trooping of Colours will be staged next Friday, the 11th of March after a Reaffirmation Parade on Monday to mark 65 years of 1RPIR after being Reraised in March 11 1951.


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